The 3 big flaws in Stefan Molyneux´s ethics (UPB)

I have followed Stefan since around early 2011. He was a big inspiration for me and the major reason why I started to philosophize.

I always had the notion that something was missing in his ethics, more precisely his book called “Universally Preferable Behaviour” (aka UPB).

I made an hour long critique of it around a year ago on my YouTube channel and it was not the best video I ever made. I am slightly encumbered by the fact that I don’t speak English in my day to day life and thus sometimes struggle to find certain words. This problem is much less there when I am writing and have time to think the expressions over.

Recently I made a new video pointing out three big problems with his ethics and I think it is much more clearer now what I think the problem is with his argumentation.

I encourage you to watch the videos if you are interested in UPB or ethics and morality in general. I do not present any alternatives I just point out the problems.

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