Stefan Molyneux and christianity

I am still baffled about two aspects of Stefan Molyneux´s “presentations” and their relation to christianity.

First of all. Stefan has railed against religion and specifically christianity for ten years on his “show”, from 2006 and to about 2016. Then all of a sudden, he becomes “warm” towards christianity and starts referencing Jesus, talking about theology as a specific category of thought parallel to philosophy, referring to the Ten Commandments as a “foundation” for relationships and so on. What the hell is the matter with him? I can understand someone adjusting their “belief” or “philosophy” in specific corners of it to straighten it out as they get wiser. But making a turnaround of this kind after ten years of basically ridiculing everything that has to do with religion … is something else.

The second thing is, that christian “people” seem to be fine with that, despite those ten years of hard-nosed opposition. What the hell is the matter with christians? have they no pride in themselves and their “beliefs”? What about integrity? Molyneux is making a very suspicious turnaround, but is more or less received as a true believer. Why ? Are christians so pathetically hungry for someone who has lost his faith in reality, and receiving him as “you have fallen but will be safe here among us other losers, who have no pride in principles or integrity!”. Maybe the …“Everyone” is welcome in christianity is a kind of used as “He used to be one of those who criticised us, but now we can claim “victory” over secular philosophy and probably particularly… morality”.

I have no longer any trust in what Stefan Molyneux says or claims. His metaphysics is wrong (the belief in knowledge of a mind-independent external reality), his ethics, UPB (see my critique here) does not work (why would he else abandon it and embrace something as ridiculous as the Ten Commandments, which based on “dictation” from an impossible “authority” in the sky).

A philosopher can be in doubt about certain aspects, or even change their understanding of certain central ideas. But they can make very good and easy to follow, valid arguments about how they arrived at new insights and make them intuitively understandible. Stefan has made a few comments like .. “I have gotten older” or “sometimes you need to stop and take a look back…” .. or other likewise empty arguments. This is highly suspicious and a good reason to be incredible sceptical about everything he says .. AND has said.

Stefan Molyneux has become your best example of the idea of thinking for yourself. Become your own philosopher and stop eating raw, what other individuals tell you, no matter what … not even from me !!

I won’t go into their discussion on art other than to say. Just remember not to put too much meaning into it. As Hitchcock said “It´s just a movie” …

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