If you want to support me by donating money, you can use the following ways.

Thank you 🙂

(I use my other “business” paypal account, so do not be alarmed that it is not called Mandibil)

Crypto currencies:

BTC : 1K6hQda6r3FksPbLat7Eb6CZRaJKzFGMGa

BCH : qrgerpxp62s7v8w3d0e7tnfnzcaw7rdj8yruymdykl

Dash : XpBJ648PFAR8WVj7sZwAbc7LEtvK1Zw175

Eth : 0xb8C0C9f0559e0455c4d712abc07A8a20665F70FA

LTC : LSKjUC8PDtqnpsA723bUQWJXSryqpY1a1X

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