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I am working hard on my new book about morality. The working title is as you can see below “The perfect principle – A treatise on ethics”. This may be a subject to change but I am pretty confident it will end up something like that.

The idea of a moral principle and how to present it occurred to me nearly two years ago now. It took me almost a year to think the thing over, mostly how to structure a book and working down to the deepest levels of philosophy and ethics in order to find what solid ground I could to stand on.

This has certainly not been an easy task and during 2018 I had one of those groundbreaking insights that turned everything I was basing my philosophy on around. That meant that what I had written early in 2018, would have to be completely revised or deleted. This means that I have spent a lot of time reworking my meta physics and epistemology and getting used to arguing from a, to me, new angle.

In order to secure that my obsolete philosophy has been weeded out I have spent many months rethinking the book, before I came back to write again. 

I am now in the early steps of reentering the writing phaze, and have found a completely new and much more engaging and even surprising way of dealing with the story. It is going to be something special, I can promise you that. look out for more news about the book in the future


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